Who doesn’t want to be a fashion person? Who doesn’t dream of owning a luxury designer bag? We all do. Sadly, only a few can own these very expensive products. Voguebags.cn aim to realize our dreams. By claiming it offers a rich collection of gorgeous replica designer bags with good quality and at affordable low prices, it instantly get our attention. And this is exactly what we will do. We will check it out and see if it is everything it promises to be perfect.

If you think this website is goona to be perfect that make you fall in love with it, then don’t get your hopes high just yet. This website has nothing to do with chic, elegant or professional. What I mean is that this website is just a simple online page that features some banners, some simple menus and product pictures.  At least it is a easy choice for our eyes. It has a top banners for promotions and product reviews and a simple black menu on the top of the screen. In the bottom of the page there are a classification with other designer brands and some information about the website. It is a very common replica website.

Voguebags.cn does not carry only replica handbags. It also sells other accessories. It is that type of company that tries to offer a selection of fake designer products as diversified as possible. However, the most dissappointing thing is the limited choice of the designer brands. It only carries 27 designer brands.

You must see some reputable website having its own studio photos so that we can see the true quality of its actual replica bags. Using some copied images is a serious question mark. How can you be sure that you will receive what is advertised on the site? The pictures look good, but some of them just not so real and will make you feel like a fake one.

When you order your favorite replica designer handbags from Voguebags.cn you only have the option of paying by Western Union and Credit Card. That’s really the basic payment method and you do not have other choice. Generally, credit card payments are most suitable for online orders, but in this case you may take a risky. The problem is that the webpage is not secured for online transactions and your personal information isn’t protected. Western Union isn’t such a great idea either when you are ordering something from an online company for the first time. Once the money is sent you can’t do a thing to get it back.

Talking about the shopping policy of this website, it is for free. If you were looking for free delivery for your replica handbags purchase then you can start celebrating. If you ask me, is it very important to the customer service about the free delivery. Well, I don’t think it is very important. For some case, some website offer free delivery for customers but it will take a long time to receive the products. It is not a good customer service. And usually the reputable replica website will not offer some expensive delivery option for customers. So don’t worry about it.

Apparently, Voguebags.cn offers a 7 days money back policy. Basically they will issue a full refund no matter what your reasons for returning the replica purse might be. Of course, the product must be sent in its original conditions and packaging, and the refund will be issued once the replica reaches its destination. For one thing you should know that they don’t accept the returning of the goods you are not satisfied without a Return Authorization.

This online store seems to be pretty determined to offer customer services to its customers, but its level of professionalism and quality are pretty low. When I accessed the website I tried to connect to a Live chat agent, but the service seemed to be unavailable as it only shows the sentence trying to connect me and I wait a long time.

I guess, no replica purses online store is perfect and Voguebags.cn is no exception. It has its share of goods and bads. The positive things about this store are the 7 days money back guarantee, the diversified collection and the usability of the site. But you still need to think twice before ordering.

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