Gucci blooms shoulder padlock bags


Another week under our belts, friends! Summer is here and we hope you are all enjoying the all-new Gucci canvas padlock.We took a couple weeks off to get settled, but here we are, back on this second week in July with more wonderful bags and beyond from our favorite fashion hangout. This week,Gucci blooms Padlock bags were among our stops,But there is plenty more, so kick back and join us.

As many of you know, I’ve had a Gucci thing for a while now. The GG logo lettering,blooms print. the lock pushed closure, the gold tone hardware,and, of course, the classics–Gucci finds a way to make it all feel new every season, with new embellishments, themes and sizes. I, personally, like this approach. Stick with the bags doing really well for you, update them often, and then offer a new silhouette every so often to keep your lineup fresh: it’s a great brand strategy.
The Gucci padlock bags can easily be considered one of the most iconic bags of the modern handbag era.It startes out among many people and always draw someone attention.2016 latest style of Gucci with many special version is hot topic between the field of fashion.
I had my hands on one of the newer versions in the past few weeks and fell in love.
I love it without reservation.The signature Tian print padlock bags with adjustable sliding chain strap can be hold by shoulder or tote by hand.The interior pocket for small thing to leave is also convenient for woman.The element of Chinese landscape inject into the bag is a bag feature, which really makes the bag pop.The best part:Gucci has a back pocket outside to put something as you like.So you can customize your bag any way your heart desires.

As for the bag itself, A small structured Gucci Signature leather bag with a key lock closure pulled from the archives, the key is placed in a leather key case that loops around the chain. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and a top handle bag. Made in heat debossed Gucci Signature leather resulting in a defined print with a firm texture.And the bag is a bit more compact, it’s lightweight. This is just a super cool version of the Gucci that doesn’t need to be carried only at night or with a nicer outfit; it’s ready for daily use and that’s exactly why I love it so much.

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